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Sunday, April 17, 2011


So the days past, weeks past and months past. I'm now in the pre-production stage of my film.

It's an exciting period and quite relaxing actually. One of the reason is because I shoot a film in my own house, hence all the props and settings are already available prior to shooting. So we just need some arrangements and decorations and it's done! Amazing!

One of my favourite film directors of all time, Robert Rodriguez, mentioned that "to shoot a low budget film, you've to shoot with what you have". I think I'm following what he said here. I am shooting a film with what I have. So it saves a lot of money (thank you Mr Rodriguez!).

One of the things that made me upset was The Hollywood Reporter (THR) editorial staffs. You see, I want to get my film to the film production charts in their newspaper article. But in order for my film to get in the charts, it needs to have a famous actor, director or screenwriter attached to the film. Or, I need to be backed by a well known production company.. So I was like.... Awwwww... I was so upset by that news.

In any case, I don't have all those.. So it's just sad to be a first time filmmaker, trying to break into Hollywood, because all they care are Marketable names, not quality films.

And by the way, if anyone thinks that Hollywood is about filmmaking, you're definitely fooled by Hollywood. Because I think in my opinion, Hollywood is about film advertising and marketing. Its all about the money.. Not an inch of an art form. That's why filmmaking is called show business, or Show Biz.

Get it? hahahaha

That was a lesson from Dov Simens by the way. An amazing Hollywood guru.

Anyway, it's now 12:06 am on the 18th of April 2011.

God bless everyone in this planet. Amen..
William Lim

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